Package org.garret.consus

Interface Summary
ConsusAuthenticator Authenticator interface
ConsusConnection A connection (session) with a specific database.
ConsusResultSet A ResultSet provides access to a table of data.
ConsusStatement This is the object used for executing a static SQL statement and obtaining the results produced by it.
PersistentObjectStorage The interface of persistent object storage.

Class Summary
AnyArray Modification (insert, remove) and search operastions with Java arrays
Assert Class for checking program invariants.
ClientDriver The interface that every driver class must implement.
ConsusDriver This is the interface that every driver class must implement.
ConsusRef JDBC 2.0 A reference to an SQL structured type value in the database.
JDBCObjectRelationalAdapter This class implements the Consus OO API on top of standard relational database systems.
MetaField Field descriptor as it is stored in the database.
MetaTable Table descriptor as it is stored in the database.
Persistent Base class for all persistent-capable classes.
POCollection This class provides a skeletion implementation of the Collection interface to minimize the effort required to implement this interface.
POComparator Abstract base class for all Persistent comparators
POList Resizable-array implementation of the List interface.
POSortedList Objects inserted into this list should implement the Comparable interface and be derived from the Persistent class.
Query Class used for construction of parameterized queries.
StdAuthenticator Basic implementation of the authentication interface based on the user login name and password.
TableIterator An Iterator through the table records (is equivalent to ResultSet for a single table select without condition, but is more efficient).
UserInfo Table used by StdAuthenticator for keeping the information about users.

Exception Summary
ConsusColumnNotFoundError Exception is raised when an non-existant column name is specifed in a query
ConsusCompileError Exception error by compiler in case of error
ConsusDuplicateException Exception thrown on client site when connection is refused by the server
ConsusIncompatibleTypesError Exception is thrown when the type convertion between a type specified by programmer and a data type in the database is not possible.
ConsusIOError Exception is thrown when the IO operation with a database file has failed
ConsusLoginRefusedException Exception thrown on client side when connection is refused by the server
ConsusNotImplemented Exception thrown when a method, not implemented in Consus, is called
ConsusNotInUpdateModeError Exception thrown when the cursor opened, uses a select statement without "for update" clause for an update, insert or delete operation
ConsusNotSingleException Exception thrown by Consus when more than one record is selected in a context where one object is expected.
ConsusRuntimeError Exception thrown by Consus if something wrong occurs during a statement execution.
InvalidOIDError This exception is thrown when an object with an incorrect OID is accessed (OID = 0, nonexisted OID, OID of deleted object, ...)
MergeConflictException Exception thrown by the checkOutTable method when a merge conflict is detected.
POSError Persistent Object Storage error.

Error Summary
AssertionFailed Exception raised by Assert class when assertion has failed.