Mark&sweep garbage collector for C++



Heap explorer library for .Net and Java



Java code verifier


ANSI/Turbo Pascal to C/C++ converter

(with BGI emulation library)  

BGI for Windows

emulation of Borland Graphic Interface library for MS-Windows (C language)  

Execution-Time Code generator for CSharp

Given string with CSharp expression generate CLR code for filtering and mapping elements of collections  
(Deadlock detector for .Net multithreaded applications)


Reflection Package for C++

Information about object types and format of classes at runtime. Extracting type descriptors from debug information.  

   C-Talk scripting language

Interpreted safe language with C syntax. It is very simple and small comparing with such scripting languages as PHP, Python, Ruby. It is distributed with minimal set of built-in function and provides convenient mechanism for extending the language. So it is best choice for mobile devices, where size and speed of application are essential.  


Command line calculator for C expressions

If you prefer to type normal expressions like x=2*sin(y) instead of clicking buttons and writing results on paper, then you will probably love this tool...
  • Download sources + executable for Windows:   ccalc.zip (41,265 bytes)

 JavaGO - Java byte code global optimizer


Old version of C-Talk programming language