I perform free of charge e-mail support of all my products. I will do my best in extending and improving the products, fixing all reported bugs and implementing change requests. But I want to notice the following issues:

  • To be able to fix the bug I need at least detailed information about the problem. Reports like "my program doesn't work" or "something is definitely wrong" contains no meaningful information and so I can do nothing for such bug reports. Please provide at least the following information:
    1. Used product name and version
    2. Used OS
    3. Fragment of code where the problem occurred
    4. Stack trace in the place of crash if available
    5. Detailed description of what's happening

    In some cases this information is enough for me to be able to locate the bug and solve the problem. But the most efficient way of reporting the problem (and also the easiest for me) is creating small example reproducing the problem. It is very difficult to solve the problem which can not be reproduced.

  • I am open to any ideas of improving and extending my products. If I find suggestion reasonable, not contradicting with product ideology and be useful for many people I will be glad to implement it. Alternatively - I can implement any customer specific extension but for some charge.

  • I am working only with the following operating systems: Win2k, WinXP, Linux. If you are interesting in porting my products to some other platform or has some problems with running a product at some particular platform, I will need some help from your side. You can provide me SSH account, in this case I will do the porting or fix the problem myself.

    If it is not possible I will have to ask you to help me: compile and run the program at the target system and send me error messages. Usually, after some iterations this process used to be converged.

  • Sorry, but I had no time to answer mails like this:
        Hi, I am student from XXX studying OO systems. I found you product YYY in net and now
        want to learn it. Unfortunately I do not understand how it works. Please explain me step-by-step
        how could I use it.
    I had provided manual to each my product. Sorry, my english is not so good and as most of programmers I prefer to write code, not manuals. So may be you will find them not so good and detailed. If you have some questions and something is unclear to you, I will be glad to answer your questions. Also I will be glad to receive any help in improving quality of available documentation (thanks to all people who already helped me with it).